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The Plastic Shift

Random Objects Game

Stock Tracker Web App

Improv Presentations Web App

Idea-Generator Web App

Note-taking Web App

Recommendation: Kidogo

Recommendation: TDInsurance Canada

Recommendation: Sidewalk Labs

Recommendation: Walmart Canada

Recommendation: Wealthsimple

Microsoft DiscoverAI Challenge

Organic Solar Cells Research

AI Number Classifier

AI Clothing Classifier

Quantum vs. AI Algorithms

TDInsurance Landing Page

Excel Team Tracking Dashboard

Plastic Pollution Infographics

Legal CRM Mockup

Insurance Issues - One Pager

Banking Issues - One Pager

Prohibio Health One-Pager

Applications of AI One-Pager

AI Models One-Pager

Genomics One-Pager

Indisposable Podcast Interview

Lessons from 6 Months of Meditation

Plastic Pollution Podcasts

Pay as You Go Solar Energy

Energy Access in Africa

Plastic Pollution Webinar

Microgrid Energy Overview

Three Future Batteries

Prohibio Health Pitch

Recognising Handwritten Digits

TKShowcase Keynote

Is Tensorflow Worth It?

I don't know if you want to scroll through 59 articles there...

But if you're really sure that's what you want, you can find them on my Medium profile! 😉