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Growing Forward from 2020

2020 was hard, but I learned a lot of insightful lessons that I don't want to forget. That's why I wrote this reflection.

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Wanting what you get vs. getting what you want

I recently came across a 1953 comedy act that made me laugh harder than I’ve laughed in 4 months…

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When did you last think for yourself?

That thought hit me after the 60th afternoon sitting in my bedroom...

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Perception ≠ Reality. So what?

In grade 10, I met the best math teacher I’ve ever had. It's only now that I realise the genius in his tiny sayings.

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The Universe Doesn't Owe You Anything

This is all too easy to tell others and fail to recognise yourself...

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About me

I'm a 17-year-old developer, designer, & Entrepreneur-in-training!