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Perception ≠ Reality. So what?

In grade 10, I met the best math teacher I’ve ever had. It's only now that I realise the genius in his tiny sayings.

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The Universe Doesn't Owe You Anything

This is all too easy to tell others and fail to recognise yourself...

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We're Not Any Smarter Than Cavemen

In today's modern world, it's easy to think that we're in a time of constant technological innovation that sets us apart from the rest of human history. This not only false, however, but also dangerous...

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What I've Learned from Glimpses of Poverty

Ever since we immigrated to Canada, my family was never the richest around. Still, I've had an amazingly stable childhood compared to most of the world's population. This realisation is fuelled by two of my strongest memories of encounters I've had with REAL poverty. And these encounters still impact my values to this day.

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What Makes a Best Friend Special

When I immigrated to Canada, I first had a really hard time finding friends. Luckily though, I've been able to gradually meet some very close friends over the years. And these friends were so special, they made me want to stop and reflect what really set them apart from others.

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About me

I'm a 17-year-old developer, designer, & Entrepreneur-in-training!