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The Cycle of Failure

When we're young, we sometimes hear about glamorous CEOs and other successful people tell us about the importance of failure. This makes no sense for most young people. In school, we're always pursuing success. Recently, though, I learned that these sayings about the importance of failure weren't just overused feel-good quotes. And it all started with me having a few [a lot] of experiences failing in the real world...

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Captives to Our Endless Feeds

Recently, I watched one of Jordan Peterson's lectures on personal responsibility. I didn't realise it at the time, but out of all the insightful messages in that lecture, I hadn't noticed one of his main points. Months later, when I was giving advice to my mentee, I remembered that important idea for some reason. So I thought I'd write about this second-time's-the-charm realisation! 😁

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Survivors of the Rubble

Often times in life, we get caught up in little problems in our own little bubble. When learning about the reality of major problems in the world like conflict in the Middle East, however, I realised how inconsequential my problems are in comparison to the catastrophes outside my bubble. This is a story of what I learned about conflict in the Middle East and the Syrian refugee crisis.

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My New Superpower: Gratitude

Over the past few weeks, I've been journalling reflections on gratitude every day. I'd heard about the benefits, but it was really another thing to do it in my own life! I learned so much from thinking about making the most of life that I thought I'd share a little roadmap of my adventure! 😉

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The Biggest Lessons of 2019

It sounds almost cliché to say it, but I think I've literally grown more in 2019 than the rest of my life put together! 😉 This year was an incredible journey full of incredible lessons, so I kind of owed it to myself to reflect on all that I learned :-) If you're looking for a teenager's perspective on crazy, crazy 2019 and are up to read a mini book, check it out.

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