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Career != Identity

Whenever I go to networking events, I notice something strange. Whenever someone is asked who they are, they respond with what they do. But your career isn't equal to your identity... and not realising this has some important consequences.

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Weaknesses vs. Natural Tendencies

Often times, we think of weaknesses as parts of ourselves to change and strengths as traits to build. In some situations, this isn't entirely accurate. I think that sometimes, we just have these natural ways in which we behave. And depending on the context, that could be for the better or worse...

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Getting Over Fears

There are a lot of self-help gurus out there that tell you to get over your fears and everything will be fine. I never really trusted them (or found that advice helpful at all...) But recently, I've started to discover new challenges that actually helped me get over my fears, understand why this is really important, and then discover a second step to take after getting over these fears!

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Life is a Hang Glider Journey

Paul Graham has this analogy of how keeping your options in life is great just like keeping afloat higher on a glider. That way, you have more places to land in a glider and more opportunities to pursue in life. I was thinking a bit more about this though, and I thought that the hang glider analogy could be taken a bit further. So I came up with my theory on why life is like a hang glider (and how we can use this to make better decisions)...

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The Cycle of Failure

When we're young, we sometimes hear about glamorous CEOs and other successful people tell us about the importance of failure. This makes no sense for most young people. In school, we're always pursuing success. Recently, though, I learned that these sayings about the importance of failure weren't just overused feel-good quotes. And it all started with me having a few [a lot] of experiences failing in the real world...

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About me

I'm a 17-year-old developer, designer, & Entrepreneur-in-training!