Madhav Malhotra

I had a slump of boredom when learning AI theory. So I remotivated myself by adding the style of The Scream by Edvard Munch onto this photo!
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I'm a student training to solve neglected global problems

I would describe myself as an immigrant. Immigrating to Canada created lots of challenges growing up. But it also taught me my three core values: helpfulness, resourcefulness, and reliability. Everything I do, I do because of these values.

Currently, I'm researching how AI affects cybersecurity at a design team I'm running. I'm also building a policy research club to connect students across faculties at the University of Waterloo.

On the side, I'm ALWAYS learning. About law, meteorology, coding, nature... anything I find! And I publish everything I learn, so learn along with me 😉 And if you want to get in touch, here are some useful links:


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